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About Shradhasai Lifesciences


Shradhasai Lifesciences gives the power to attempt breakthrough, innovative, and quality research exercises in life sciences. We work in alliance with advanced systematic platforms and deliver end-to-end solutions from primary research to In-vitro pre-clinical studies. For obtaining and enabling outstanding services and results, we work with the leading-edge technology available in the market.

We bridge the gap between talent and technology by providing a state-of-art facility with vital technical skills as well as a collaborative and innovative approach. We endeavor to make our facility integrated and capable of performing methodologies of international standards.

 We commit to providing a range of services in various fields like molecular biology, microbiology, toxicology, biochemistry, and genetics. Our unique, tailor-made practices are singularly focused on applying our expertise to transform goals into reality.


Our Vision

To become the prominent and comprehensive biological research facility.

Our Mission

To provide the Life Sciences community with cutting-edge, high-quality research resources that will accelerate innovation and discover new things for a better future.

Our Values

We believe in


To provide the best services, we work with a genuine and concentrated approach, believing that perfection, openness, and integrity are the keys to success.


We make extraordinary efforts to serve our collaborators beyond their expectations. We are dedicated to improve and deliver outstanding service quality to our partners.


We establish trust and commitment to enhance working with collaborators as well as challenge and support one another to grow in a better manner.


We aim to gain customer satisfaction through flawless services. For this, we constantly improve our quality parameters.


Our Association

Shradhasai Lifesciences has developed a strategic association with leading industries working in biotechnology and life sciences. We offer scientific support and accurate outcomes to our associates with a collaborative approach and cooperative working. Also, we are open to accepting new challenges and opportunities.

Our Laboratory

Shradhasai Lifesciences offers strategic planning, on-time execution, and reliable monitoring for all projects associated with our collaborators. We work with discipline and consistency to provide exceptional and remarkable services. Our focus is on delivering diverse and specialized services in microbiology, biotechnology, biochemistry, genetics, molecular biology, and toxicology with the aid of biological safety complaisance. We have multi-level Biological Safety Containment’s to conduct life science research and related projects.



Dr. Rajesh Enadle, MBBS and MD in Medicine, holds 15+ years of teaching experience and has mentored several students for research. He is a member of the Indian Medical Association and the Indian Society of Critical Care. He has contributed significantly to different clinical trials as well as research & development (R&D) activities.

While working on various projects and executing R&D activities with limited resources and facilities, he realized that the country needs full-fledged R&D facilities. India has highly skilled and talented researchers; however, a lack of advanced infrastructure forces them to incubate their ideas outside of the country. Hence, he had the vision to create and extend a world-class research facility comprising modern instruments and set-up for enthusiastic researchers.

Towards the end of the year 2018, the idea of Shradhasai Lifesciences (SSLS) was brought into reality under the leadership of Dr. Rajesh Enadle. SSLS comprises different integrated departments like microbiology, molecular biology, and biochemistry with multi-level Biological Safety Containment under one roof. The facility is into collaborations with agriculture, veterinary, food, and pharmaceutical industries to provide end-to-end solutions as per the requirements. In addition to that, SSLS encourages the collaborators to come forward with new challenges and opportunities. SSLS’s dynamic vision propels it to become one of India’s premier laboratories for client-eccentric services utilizing cutting-edge technology.

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